Driven by my love of nature, and passion for music, color, markmaking, shapes and light, I try to keep an ambiguity in my work allowing the viewer his own interpretation, a kind of “visual music”.  Movement, harmony and an interplay of color and shape.  Although my driving force is representational, referencing nature, my process becomes more of a state of mind. An openess, a new way to see, I look to keep it a bit poetic and with a bit of mystery. Influenced by many periods of art, I find myself relating mostly to the Abstract Expressionists, feeling most comfortable labeling myself as a Contemporary lyrical Expressionist.  Painting is inspiration for my imagination, its exciting, frustrating, stimulating and calming all at once.

The Figurative work shown here is from the series “Alone Together” and "Waiting".  It’s my interpretation of how we all experience similar emotions.  I’m drawn to the fear, mystery and comfort we experience during solitary times. Shifting from spiritual to physical in my execution, not trying to copy a figure but to express life through art. The figure becomes what I am experiencing, my psyche.

While working abstractly or with the figure I begin by making marks or using color to initiate a response. My genesis is my experience with nature.  My intent is to depict my natural surroundings with abstract forms, and through preliminary decisions such as color and composition, I continue to subtract and add with sensitivity until some co-existence and balance takes form and a personal language revealed.

 I welcome accidents and random images, hoping to learn something about myself and to leave the viewer with questions.

Omni Gallery, Uniondale NY